NBA holds drawings to decide lottery and draft order

The NBA lottery and first round order is set.  (USATSI)
The NBA lottery and first round order is set. (USATSI)

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The NBA lottery and first round order is set.

The NBA held random drawings on Friday to determine tiebreakers for the 2014 NBA Lottery and Draft order. Here are the results: 

· Utah (25-57) won a tiebreaker with Boston.
· Brooklyn (44-38) won a tiebreaker with Washington.
· Chicago (48-34) won a tiebreaker with Toronto.
· Portland (54-28) won a tiebreaker with Miami and Houston; Houston then won a tie-breaker with Miami.

(NOTE: Utah has the right to swap the 34th and 35th pick based on the results of the lottery. The swap will occur after the lottery results.)

The NBA lottery and draft order: 

1. Milwaukee

2. Philadelphia

3. Orlando

4. Utah

5. Boston

6. LA Lakers

7. Sacramento

8. Detroit

9. Cleveland

10. New Orleans

11. Denver

12. New York (To Denver or to Orlando via Denver)

13. Minnesota

14. Phoenix

15. Atlanta

16. Charlotte

17. Brooklyn

18. Washington

19. Chicago

20. Toronto

21. Dallas (To Oklahoma City via Houston and LA Lakers

22. Memphis

23. Golden State (To Utah)

24. Portland (To Charlotte)

25. Houston

26. Miami

27. Indiana (To Phoenix)

28. LA Clippers

29. Oklahoma City

30. San Antonio


31. Milwaukee

32. Philadelphia

33. Orlando (To Cleveland)

34/35. Boston (To Dallas)

34/35. Utah

36. LA Lakers (To Milwaukee via Minnesota and Phoenix)

37. Sacramento (To Toronto)

38. Detroit

39. Cleveland (To Philadelphia)

40. New Orleans (To Minnesota)

41. Denver

42. New York (To Houston)

43. Atlanta

44. Minnesota

45. Charlotte

46. Washington

47. Brooklyn (To Philadelphia via Dallas and Boston)

48. Toronto (To Milwaukee via Phoenix)

49. Chicago

50. Phoenix

51. Dallas

52. Memphis (To Philadelphia via Cleveland)

53. Golden State (To Minnesota)

54. Houston (To Philadelphia via Milwaukee)

55. Miami

56. Portland (To Denver)

57. Indiana

58. LA Clippers (To San Antonio via New Orleans)

59. Oklahoma City (To Toronto via New York)

60. San Antonio

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