NBA investigating Rockets owner for approaching ref during Game 5 vs. Thunder

Owners have been known to get heated while watching their teams play (Mark Cuban, Steve Ballmer, we're looking in your direction), but as the leader of the franchise it's their job to keep things under control.

Rockets owner Les Alexander did the exact opposite during Tuesday's Game 5 against the Thunder, approaching a referee, presumably to complain, during live play.

As you can imagine, this type of behavior isn't exactly encouraged by the NBA, and the league has announced that it will investigate the incident.

Alexander didn't want to comment on the matter, but he did admit that he was "really upset."

The Rockets won 105-99 to eliminate the Thunder and advance to the Western Conference semifinals, so maybe Alexander's complaining worked after all. Chances are he'll be lighter in the wallet, however, after the league is done with him.

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