NBA League Pass Broadband adds national archive, feed choice

For years, one of the major complaints about the NBA's League Pass product has been that nationally televised games were not available on the system, despite the hefty price tag and archive elements. That's about to change. 

The NBA is set to announce Wednesday that NBA League Pass Broadband, the online system available to consumers on their home computer, will feature an archived version of all nationally televised games, including games shown on ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBATV. Previously, even if you had specifically bought the package to watch every non-major-network game of a team, you were unable to watch games chosen to appear on NBATV. While it appears the option is limited to an archived version, it still means access to every regular season game played this season using the League Pass Broadband service. 

League Pass for cable or satellite provides League Pass Broadband and Mobile complimentary. The service is not available on League Pass Mobile.

The other major upgrade to the service features the ability to choose the home or away feed to watch the broadcast. So if you love the home team announcers, you can bask in glorious biased appeal, and if you're a neutral fan and don't want to hear the worst homers moan and groan about every call in a loss, you can switch to the other feed. Fans can watch 30 teams with NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband Premium or up to five teams with NBA LEAGUE PASS Choice. 

These small adjustments matter to the hardcore fans who make up a huge percentage of the user base.  It also gives fans the ability to re-watch the biggest and best games of the season, as the best matchups of high profile teams usually get snatched up by the major network providers. 

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