NBA Live 19 will feature an option to create female players for the first time

NBA Live 19 has some good news for women who are sick of creating themselves as male avatars.

EA Sports announced this week that the upcoming installment of their basketball video game franchise would include female create-a-player -- a first for the series. The feature comes a year after NBA Live introduced WNBA teams and players to the franchise.

This isn't an unprecedented move by EA Sports, as they've had a female create-a-player option in their NHL and UFC video game series for a few years now, but bringing it to their basketball series is a good move. For one, women's basketball needs more representation in the video game space. Plus, more options in create-a-player makes the game more inclusive and allows ladies to insert themselves into the game as guys have for years and years. But it's also a move that helps them close in on the competition. 

NBA 2K has essentially dominated the basketball video game space over the years, and NBA Live has struggled to climb back to relevance. They still might be a ways behind, but incorporating female create-a-player likely makes the game more enticing to female gamers, and a larger audience. 

"We wanted to make sure that our females were on the same footing as the males," said Mike Mahar, the game's producer, via ESPN W. "They can play online in our head-to-head circuits, as well as in Pro-Am."

NBA Live 19 is set to release on Sept. 7 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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