The Warriors have had three of the most incredible seasons in NBA history. Just when it feels like they can't possibly raise the bar any higher they somehow manage to find a way on a yearly basis -- whether it's as simple as winning 73 games or leading the NBA in pace and defensive rating. Last season's addition of Kevin Durant made them so dominant that, at times, they looked like a one team race to the title.

So it shouldn't be surprising that they enter the upcoming NBA season with hilariously one-sided odds across the board. Their over/under opens at a staggering 67.5 wins which is one more than the 66.5 they were set at last season and the 59.5 from the season before that. This number's absurdity escalates further when looking at the Celtics, who have the second-highest projection, at 56.5.

Golden State's one-sided odds only grow when looking at division title and chances of making the playoffs. Barring any major injuries, the Warriors are most likely going to win their division again. Considering the NBA has pretty much made divisions pointless, outside of a few tiebreakers, at this point there isn't a whole lot of gain to this. However, the Warriors odds of winning the Pacific division are a staggering 1/500. For comparisons sake, the Celtics are 1/5 favorites and they're projected to have the second best record in the NBA. The Rockets, projected at 55 wins, are 10/11.

(Courtesy of Westgate Sportsbook)

How can this possibly get any more one-sided in the Warriors favor? Moving over to playoff odds, Cleveland and Boston's odds are set at -5,000 for reaching the postseason and at +1,500 for missing out on late April games. Except for Golden State, these two have the best odds of making the playoffs rather than missing them. The Warriors, however, blow this out of the water. Their odds of missing the playoffs are set at +10,000, and their odds of making the playoffs have been set at -100,000. To put that into perspective: A $1,000 bet on Golden State making the playoffs this season will net a whopping dollar. That's right. One dollar.

It's no surprise the Warriors were going to enter the season as massive favorites. It's why the oddsmakers set the odds where they are now, because there will be many people who see these odds and not even blink at them because  of Golden State's dominance. However, when putting everything into perspective and comparing the Warriors' odds to the rest of the NBA, it's so hilariously one-sided in their favor that it's hard to not just sit back and laugh.