NBA odds: SportsLine says Celtics have better chances of winning title than Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the three-time defending Eastern Conference champions, so they're fairly placed atop the East's food chain until unseated.

But, according to SportsLine data, that time could come very soon.

Even though the LeBron James and the Cavs still have the best odds to win the East according to Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, SportsLine data scientist Stephen Oh has calculated that the Celtics actually have a higher chance of winning both the Eastern Conference and the NBA title.

Win East (Vegas odds) Win East (SportsLine data) NBA Champ (Vegas odds) NBA Champ (SportsLine data)

Boston Celtics

5/2 (28.6%)


12/1 (7.7%)


Cleveland Cavaliers

10/11 (52.4%)


7/1 (12.5%)


Both team's title chances pale in comparison to the Golden State Warriors' whopping 70.44 percent chance of winning the NBA championship.

SportsLine's data has been swayed from the Celtics' insane 15-game winning streak. In the last set of data on Oct. 30, the Cavs had over a 12 percent chance of winning the title, while Boston, which had just lost All-Star forward Gordon Hayward for the season, had just a 0.48 percent chance to win the title.

My, how things can change in less than a month.

Of course the Celtics won't keep winning forever, and it appears the Cavs are starting to right the ship. But the data certainly indicates that the race for the Eastern Conference might be a lot closer than originally anticipated.

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