In recent months, as the political and societal climate has turned ever more contentious, NBA players (and coaches) have not been afraid to share their thoughts and feelings. 

LeBron James has spoken out against President Donald Trump and the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Kevin Durant has announced he would not visit the White House because he doesn't respect who is in office right now, and David Fizdale spoke at length about his hope for the removal of confederate monuments

In the wake of their comments, and others that are likely to follow in the coming months and years, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and players association executive director Michele Roberts co-signed a letter that went out to players recently and offered them support in social activism. Via ESPN:

None of us operates in a vacuum. Critical issues that affect our society also impact you directly. Fortunately, you are not only the world's greatest basketball players -- you have real power to make a difference in the world, and we want you know that the Players Association and the League are always available to help you figure out the most meaningful way to make that difference."

It is a positive sign to see the league supporting its players in their efforts to make their communities and the country as a whole a better place.