NBA Playoff Machine: Thurs., May 16

We tip off the 26th day of the 2013 NBA playoffs with our Playoff Machine coverage of the second round. Here you'll find updating images, analysis, reactions, video and more from the action on Thursday. This post will update regularly with news, analysis and hilarity, so keep coming back, campers.

Pacers lead Knicks 3-1 | Game 5 Preview | Moore: Indiana played the right way to win

Spurs lead Wariors 3-2 | Game 6 Preview | Harper: Warriors need to go small in Game 6

(12:00 a.m. ET)

Halftime update -- The Golden State Warriors have spent a fair amount of time in this game trying to play big basketball with combinations of Andrew Bogut with Festus Ezeli, Andrew Bogut with David Lee, and Andrew Bogut with Carl Landry against the San Antonio Spurs. None of it seems to really be working. The Spurs have beaten the Warriors in the first half with a 47-40 advantage because Golden State isn't maximizing what they're good at by going big. Andris Biedrins came in and gave his team a lift but the Warriors have to keep the pressure on their opponents from the perimeter. Stephen Curry has 16 points in the first half, but Klay Thompson is just 1 of 6 from the field. 

On the Spurs side of the ball, they're executing Gregg Popovich basketball perfectly. They already have 16 assists in the game and it's hard to look at any one player that has come into the game for them so far and think they haven't done a great job in their role. Tim Duncan leads them with 13 points on six shots. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili each have five assists. Even Matt Bonner hit a hook shot. With the Warriors looking a little battered, the Spurs look to be in good position to close this series out in 24 minutes. And yet, it's still a seven-point game.

Andrew Bogut went to the locker room in the first half, as well.

(11:55 p.m. ET)

Harrison Barnes takes a terrible fall, bangs his head on the floor, bleeds quite a bit, and then walks to the locker room under his own power.

(11:55 p.m. ET)

After missing Game 5 against the New York Knicks because of a concussion he suffered in Game 4, NBA fans should be plenty aware of who George Hill is and how much he means to this team. It helps that D.J. Augustin struggles to make the basic point guard plays of running an offense. Most of the time when Augustin enters a game, he's asked to maintain and be more of a gunner, which is odd considering he's become such a bad shooter. However, with Hill not playing, the Pacers really needed to be a playmaker and get Indiana into some good scoring opportunities.

He did no such thing. The Pacers struggled to find a rhythm on offense all night because the only playmaker they had was Paul George. The problem with this is George isn't really consistent when they try to make him the primary playmaker. It's not his fault so much as it's just not a regular thing the Pacers ask him to do. It's such a sporadic role for him that it's hard to just call on it randomly and have it be consistent. Instead, they got Augustin dribbling into areas of the defense he shouldn't venture into and Indiana barely got to 75 points on the night.

-- The value of George Hill shines through in his absence by Zach Harper

(9:25 p.m. ET)

Halftime update -- This is a very ugly basketball game for two very different reasons. The first reason can be attributed to the Indiana Pacers not having George Hill in their lineup. He's out with a concussion and D.J. Augustin hasn't exactly filled his shoes adequately. He has six points on seven shots (he made two 3-pointers) and has done a terrible job of getting the Pacers into any kind of offense. They look disjointed out there and don't seem to be getting anything going toward the basket from the perimeter. They're posting up, but there isn't much movement into the paint. This is a big reason why the Pacers shot just 29.3 percent from the field. 

The second reason is the Knicks don't seem to be playing with the type of urgency you'd expect from a team on the brink of elimination. They're hitting their 3-pointers, which is a big change from the rest of the series. They've made four of eight from downtown. However, they can't get anything going toward the basket either, can't convert when they do and just seem happy to be settling for jumpers. They drew early foul trouble on Roy Hibbert, but never took advantage of it by attack the paint more. Just 13 of their 40 attempts have come inside the restricted area. They're only up six points at halftime, and the Pacers have been known to lock opponents down in the second half. New York needs to try a little harder unless they want to get their vacation started early.

(9:20 p.m. ET)

Lance Stephenson just learned that if you're going to try to put Tyson Chandler on a poster, you need to get to the rim quicker than he did. Chandler planted him into the ground with a hard foul.

(8:29 p.m. ET) 

Frank Vogel does not agree with that call on David West. 

George Hill is out for tonight's game with a concussion.

Knicks are going small to start out the game after going big to try to combat the Pacers' size in Game 4.

Officiating Assignments for Game 6: Joey Crawford, Sean Corbin, and Derrick Stafford

Officiating Assignments for Game 5: Scott Foster, John Goble, and Bill Kennedy

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