Watch Now: Celtics surge into Eastern Conference Finals behind next man up mentality (1:55)

Perhaps the strangest storyline of the NBA Playoffs is the budding bromance between former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe and Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier. It all started at the beginning of the first round, when Rozier made an audible typo, calling Milwaukee Bucks point guard Eric Bledsoe "Drew Bledsoe" on accident. 

When Rozier then outplayed the Bucks' Bledsoe in the first two games, the veteran guard claimed he didn't know who Rozier was. Their mini feud continued throughout the series, and after the Celtics advanced, Rozier wore a Drew Bledsoe jersey before Game 1 against the Sixers. 

The former quarterback then gave the Celtics guard a shoutout on social media, and the two finally met before Game 5 on Wednesday night. For some reason, Bledsoe even went to the podium after the win, and of course was asked about his new favorite player. 

The big news from the first presser for Bledsoe in many years? Well he's going to be developing a wine inspired by Rozier. A "Terry Rosé," Bledsoe joked, adding that it would have a "great finish."

Bledsoe owns a vineyard back in his native Washington state. He started it about a decade ago after his retirement from the NFL. Who knew that Rozier misspeaking at the beginning of the playoffs would result in a wine being named after him.