It's funny how the storylines in the NBA shift season to season. Last season was all about how the Cavaliers and Warriors were destined to meet again in the NBA Finals and the league's predictability had reached it's boiling point. Maybe it had something to do with the wild offseason, or maybe there's actual hope in someone knocking off one of those two teams, but that talk feels almost non-existent this season.

The Warriors are still just as dominant as always and the Cavs have gotten it together to where they once again look like the team to beat in their conference. And yet the Rockets and Celtics are giving fans who crave for a different Finals matchup some hope. That said, are two teams enough to throw a wrench into what seems to be another foregone conclusion?

No, it's not, but that still hasn't been the dominant narrative this season and it's because of how exciting everything around it has been. The surprise teams like the Pistons and Pacers help as well along with upcoming stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid, and Kristaps Porzingis. Two coaches have already been fired and it's not even Christmas yet. A should-be superteam in the Thunder are struggling. The major markets (Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, and 76ers) are all relevant at the same time for different reasons.

The NBA has always been more about the journey than the destination, and if the rest of this season's journey is anything like the first quarter, then everybody is in for something legendary.

Biggest Movers
6 Jazz
4 Pacers
1 Rockets Chris Paul's return to the Rockets has led to an even more dynamic offense while also creating a situation where he and James Harden are better without each other. The sample size is small, but it's something worth keeping an eye on as the season goes on. Even still, this now means their minutes can be staggered to make the Rockets dangerous at all times. -- 5-16
2 Cavaliers Eleven straight wins and LeBron James shooting 41 percent from 3-point range has vaulted Cleveland back into contender status. Even their defense is starting to come around a bit. 3 12-10
3 Celtics The Celtics keep on rolling, and Marcus Smart keeps on shooting. He's 29 percent from 3-point range, but he still attempts about four of those shots per game. He also leads the Celtics in on-court net rating. The Celtics have an average offense, but the way they're able to be effective even with one of the NBA's worst shooters is impressive. 1 12-10
4 Warriors Steve Kerr mentioned after the Warriors win in Orlando that they lead the league in Assist to Turnover ratio while also being one of the NBA's most turnover-heavy teams. That's insane. 1 18-3
5 Raptors They're just a really good basketball team right now: top five in net rating and offense, top 10 defense. However, Toronto being good in the regular season is nothing new. This is one long build up to the playoffs. 5 9-13
6 Spurs San Antonio is truly a marvel of consistency. Even without Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs continue to win games and do so in impressive fashion. It will be interesting to see what their ceiling looks like whenever Leonard makes his return. 2 6-13
7 76ers They had a really fun matchup with an also-rising Pistons team, and there's potential for a rivalry there. Joel Embiid and Andre Drummond have been trading trash-talk, and an NBA with trash-talk is always the best 1 11-11
8 Pistons It's around the quarter mark of the season, and while other hot starts have faded, the Pistons remain. This team feels legitimate even with Tobias Harris slowly creeping back down to a normal 3-point shooting percentage -- 4-17
9 Trail Blazers It's really weird to see Portland have such a great defense and a terrible offense. They have an Effective Field Goal Percentage of 49.2 percent, which is laughably low for a team that in previous years was so strong. 2 11-11
10 Wizards So far? Surviving pretty well without John Wall. It helps that Otto Porter Jr. continues to step up and meet everything Washington has asked of him 4 14-8
11 Jazz Don't look now, but the Jazz are on a five game winning streak, and Donovan Mitchell is a big part of why. The rookie guard is really starting to come into his own, and he's even got a 40-point game under his belt. 6 14-7
12 Nuggets As if things couldn't get worse for the Nuggets, now they'll be without Nikola Jokic for a while. It's one thing to test a roster without arguably their best overall player (Paul Millsap), but now they have to manage without the engine to their offense. Luckily, Jamal Murray has shown he's more than skilled enough to pick up those duties. 1 10-11
13 Pacers If the NBA awarded quarter-season awards, Victor Oladipo would run away with Most Improved Player. It's not just that he's taking on a bigger scoring load and helping the Pacers win games. It's the efficiency with which he's doing it. 4 9-15
14 Bucks The Bucks bounced back from a bad week with three straight wins. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to play the Kings twice. 4 14-8
15 Timberwolves On the plus side, the Wolves are scoring 108 points every 100 possessions. On the downside they're giving up 108 points every 100 possessions. At some point, something has got to give here. 4 11-11
16 Pelicans Anthony Davis' injury had everyone holding their breath, but it turned out to be mild enough that he's day to day. This team relies way too much on Davis and DeMarcus Cousins to lose either. 4 6-18
17 Knicks New York has lost four of five, Porzingis has been sick, and they're battling injuries. They have a pretty easy stretch of games coming up, though, which will give them a chance to bounce back. 2 11-10
18 Heat The NBA's most perfectly average team is adding some flavor by using more of Bam Adebayo. The rookie big man isn't impacting too much right now, but the flashes are exciting. 2 13-9
19 Thunder Against the Mavericks, Paul George scored two points for the entire game. Against the Spurs, without most of their best players, he scored eight. As Oklahoma City continues to try and find themselves, they have to get that part figured out. 1 6-15
20 Hornets Charlotte gets Nicolas Batum back from injury, and he leaves with an injury. He comes back from that injury, and Kemba Walker goes down with an injury. Will the Hornets ever be healthy again? Find out next time on CBS NBA Power Rankings. 1 13-11
21 Lakers Five straight losses for the Lakers. Julius Randle is going to force them into a very tough decision about his future this summer because he's been one of the only guys playing good basketball. -- 12-11
22 Magic When Aaron Gordon lets the offense come to him, he can score 40 points like he did against OKC. However, the streakiness of Orlando's offense as a whole is a concern. 6 5-18
23 Kings George Hill sent out a not so happy tweet following a Kings loss, and his play this season has not been great. With Frank Mason stepping up as a rookie and De'Aaron Fox expected to be the future, Hill's days in Sacramento might be numbered. 3 9-14
24 Clippers It keeps getting worse for the Clippers. Just as they put a stop to their losing streak, Blake Griffin gets hurt for what could be two months. This might just be a lost season at this point. 1 11-11
25 Nets The Nets and Hawks worked together to play one of the most unwatchable games of the season, as Atlanta won a defense-less blowout 114-102. That is a shame, Brooklyn has the potential to be fun at times. -- 15-6
26 Mavericks The best thing that happened to them this week was Nerlens Noel dipping into the media room at halftime to grab a hot dog. 4 11-9
27 Suns CBS Sports colleague Matt Moore suggested removing the Suns from every opponent's offensive rating, because their defense has just been that bad. I'm inclined to agree. 3 18-3
28 Hawks John Collins does two things for the Hawks, and he does them well: He dunks a lot and he pulls down as many rebounds as possible. It's the best. 2 12-10
29 Grizzlies David Fizdale is fired and the Grizzlies continue to lose games. Reports are that the firing had to do with an irreparable feud between him and Gasol, but the now-11-game losing streak certainly hasn't helped. It's hard to believe they were once sitting at the top of these rankings. 2 11-10
30 Bulls What's weird about Chicago during this eight game losing streak they've arguably looked the best they have all season. They're still awful -- 3-18 easily being the worst record in the league -- but they actually feel like an NBA team as opposed to one pretending to be one. 1 14-8