UPDATE: The NBA has also fined Sidney Lowe $5,000 and the Wizards organization $15,000 for the incident, the league announced Friday.


On the New York Knicks' final possession of their 113-110 loss to the Washington Wizards on Thursday, guard Courtney Lee curiously passed up an in-rhythm 3-pointer in the corner. Lee told reporters that this was because Wizards assistant coach Sidney Lowe was standing up on the court yelling at him, which made him think a defender was nearby.

On Friday, the NBA's Last Two Minute Report was released, indicating that Lowe should have been assessed a technical foul for standing on the court next to Lee for several seconds. It also indicated that Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony should have been called for a three-second violation several possessions earlier, on a play that ended with Anthony getting fouled and making two free throws.

It's pretty commonplace for coaches and players to stand up and yell at players from the sideline. Lowe, however, was standing on the court and directly affected the play. There was a referee right next to him, and based on the replay and the letter of the law, he clearly should have been given a technical foul.

In the moment, though, this isn't such an easy decision, as evidenced by the fact that nobody pointed this out until Lee spoke with the media in the locker room. New York might have even been mad if the whistle had been blown, as it would have (theoretically) cost the team good look to tie the game.

Of course, these reports don't alter the outcome of games, so they rarely leave players and coaches satisfied. Maybe Lee will find some validation in the league admitting that it should have been a tech, but he still failed to get a shot off and the Knicks still lost the game. New York should be more concerned about the 38 points it surrendered in the first quarter and 34 in the third than anything that happened in the final moments, anyway.