NBA says Chris Paul was fouled by Draymond Green at end of game

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At the end of Game 1 of the series between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors, Chris Paul was attempting to drive against two defenders and lost the ball out of bounds. He lost the ball due to Draymond Green of the Warriors reaching in and disrupting Paul's progress with a foul. A foul call against Green would have put Paul at the free throw line with the Clippers down two. Instead, the referees reviewed the ball going out of bounds, correctly called it off of the Clippers, but couldn't change anything about the missed foul call.

The Warriors went on to win the game 109-105, but NBA President of Basketball Operations Rod Thorn issued a statement saying the referees used instant replay correctly within the confines of the rules for replay, but the foul should have been called prior to the turnover by Paul. 

Rod Thorn, NBA President, Basketball Operations, issued the following statement today regarding a play late in the fourth quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ 109-105 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on April 19, at Staples Center:

“After reviewing postgame video, we have concluded that the instant replay review of the out-of-bounds call with 18.9 seconds remaining in the game involving the Clippers’ Chris Paul and the Warriors’ Draymond Green was administered correctly by the referees and the correct decision was made in awarding the ball to the Warriors. Under the existing rule, referees may only use instant replay to determine which player caused the ball to go out and a limited set of other reviewable matters. Just prior to the ball going out-of-bounds, Paul was fouled by Green and Paul should have been granted two free throws. Contact preceding out-of-bounds calls is not a reviewable matter.”

Overall, the game was officiated pretty poorly with Andre Iguodala and Blake Griffin both getting hit the hardest with foul trouble on questionable calls. It's hard to say the missed call cost the Clippers the game because the Warriors would have still had a chance to win if Paul makes both free throws there, but it certainly made it a much tougher situation than it should have been.

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