For the second time in his NBA Slam Dunk Contest career, Aaron Gordon made it to the final round where he got perfect scores, got into a "dunk-off" and wound up coming out on the losing end. It happened in 2016 after the Orlando Magic's high-flying forward used the team's mascot to assist in a couple of memorable slams, before falling to Zach LaVine. It happened again in 2020. This time, Gordon scored 50's for every dunk until his last -- when the judges decided that (nearly) clearing the 7-foot-5 Tacko Fall wasn't quite as good as Heat high-flyer Derrick Jones Jr.'s windmill from just inside the free throw line.

The judging for these contests is as subjective for the experts on the court as it is for you at home, or wherever you may have been watching or following, and the controversial ending was the culmination of a very entertaining NBA All-star Saturday Night.

Here's a look at some of the reactions, opinions and insights from the NBA Twitterverse after Jones took the 2020 dunk crown -- or the crown that was taken away from Gordon (again), depending on how you saw it.

We can start with Gordon himself, who pretty obviously believes he should be doing this press conference with a trophy on the table:  

And there are some who are just pointing to the scoreboard, as they agree with Gordon:  

With the Oscars taking place less than a week ago, the Photoshop superstars were out in full force:

 Hey, they went through two rounds of the "dunk-off." Surely, Gordon isn't too tired for a revenge tour:  

With Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade on the judging panel being a former teammate of Jones, some are speculating that the fix might have been in:  

Being that the All-Star Game is in Chicago, you knew there was going to be at least one Kanye West reference:  

Sometimes, for "ripped from the headlines" references, you don't even have to leave the sports section:  

Oh, that's right! It's an election year: