NBA to reportedly open confidential hotline for team employees to report problems

The NBA was rocked Tuesday by an investigative report published by Sports Illustrated that detailed many issues in the Dallas Mavericks organization, including sexual harassment and domestic violence. 

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he was embarrassed by the report, and vowed to fix the problems. The team will launch an independent investigation, which the NBA has said it will follow closely.

In the wake of that report, the league will also reportedly open a confidential hotline for team employees to report issues in the workplace. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the league sent a memo to all 30 teams reinforcing the league's commitment to a "safe an inclusive workplace." The hotline will be up next week.

In addition to opening the hotline for team employees, the league will reportedly also require teams to review an updated respect in the workplace policy.

Teams must complete this step by March 6. 

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