NBA trade deadline news and rumors: 2.20.14

It's deadline day! Here's your one-stop shop for all trade news and rumors as it happens around the league today. 

3:33 PM ET

  • Hold on! One more! According to Yahoo Sports, the Pacers have traded Danny Granger to the 76ers for a package that includes Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen.

3:05 PM ET

  • To recap this very uneventful trade deadline: Pau Gasol wasn't traded. Rajon Rondo wasn't traded. Kyle Lowry wasn't traded. Carmelo Anthony wasn't traded. Heck, not even Jordan Hill was traded. The biggest impact deal was probably Andre Miller going to the Wizards a three-teamer, or Gary Neal to the Bobcats, or Spencer Hawes to the Cavaliers. Steve Blake going to the Warriors last night was kind of important, I guess.

3:03 PM ET

3:00 PM ET

  • Pencils down! The deadline has officially passed, but again, sometimes trades roll in a little after the final buzzer. And let's hope so because goodness, this was a boring trade deadline if not.

2:59 PM ET

2:56 PM ET

  • The Clippers and Knicks are going down to the wire discussing a possible Iman Shumpert deal, according to multiple reports.

2:55 PM ET

  • Just five minutes until the trade deadline ends. However, deals don't often become public until well after, sometimes even 30 minutes. So stay tuned.

2:47 PM ET

  • Per USA Today, the Thunder are no longer interested in Iman Shumpert.

2:45 PM ET 

  • According to, the Clippers are having one final talk on whether or not to go forward with Iman Shumpert

2:40 PM ET

2:30 PM ET

2:27 PM ET

  • Per Ken Berger of "The Lakers' efforts to dump Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman to get under tax stalled when they couldn't secure a second-round pick for either one."

2:22 PM ET

2:15 PM ET

2:08 PM ET

  • Per, nothing has changed in the talks between the Suns and Lakers regarding Pau Gasol

2:00 PM ET

1:55 PM ET

1:50 PM ET

1:40 PM ET

  • The Nets may pass on Jordan Hill, per Momentum on that front has "cooled."

1:25 PM ET

  • reports the Iman Shumpert-to-OKC deal isn't likely, with the two teams talking last night before the guard's knee injury.

1:10 PM ET

  • reports that a lot is riding on Iman Shumpert's MCL injury as both the Clippers and Thunder are interested in him.

1:06 PM ET

  • Rick Carlisle: "I'm concentrating on our team. I don't think we're going to do anything."

1:04 PM ET

  • After missing out on Andre Miller, the Timberwolves are now reaching out to the Cavs about Jarrett Jack, according to

12:30 PM ET

  • The Wizards, 76ers and Nuggets have completed a three-team deal sending Eric Maynor to Philly, Andre Miller to D.C. and Jan Vesely to Denver.

12:25 PM ET

  • The Bobcats have acquired Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour for Ramon Sessions

12:18 PM ET

  • According to Yahoo Sports, in the proposed deal sending Andre Miller to the Wizards, Eric Maynor would not end up with the Nuggets.

12:13 PM ET

  • The Nuggets and Wizards are engaged in discussions that would send Andre Miller to D.C. for Jan Vesely and Eric Maynor to Denver, according to Yahoo Sports.

12:09 PM ET

  • According to Grantland, opposing executives believe the Pistons are shopping Josh Smith, but want more than just expiring deals.

12:04 PM ET

  • Lakers are said to still be mulling over a few Jordan Hill offers, but a few are dying according to ESPN LA.

11:52 AM ET

11:40 AM ET

  • The Clippers and Cavs have had discussions about a deal involving Tyler Zeller for Reggie Bullock, according to

11:20 AM ET

  • According to the Boston Herald, the Celtics see themselves as secondary trade partners for teams that don't work out bigger, more aggressive deals. 

11:15 AM ET

  • The Heat are "aggressively" trying to move Roger Mason Jr. to create a roster spot, and may have found a taker, according to

11:05 AM ET

  • According to USA Today, one of the teams you can cross off in the Jimmer Fredette chase is the Thunder, who are said to not be interested.

10:55 AM ET

10:51 AM ET

  • The Cavs will also send Earl Clark to the 76ers as part of the Spencer Hawes deal, according to

10:30 AM ET

  • The Wizards tried to acquire Luol Deng before the Cavs got him, and are back on the prowl again for him according to

10:18 AM ET

10:10 AM ET

  • The Thunder had reportedly been tied to interest in Gary Neal, but USA Today reports they don't have any.

10:00 AM ET

9:45 AM ET

9:30 AM ET

  • Kevin Durant on the trade deadline: “I don't think anyone in this group is on the trade wire. I hope not.”

9:00 AM ET

  • The Kings are in discussions with the Cavaliers about a deal sending Jason Thompson to Cleveland for Jarrett Jack, according to
  • The Lakers are seeking a second round pick for Jordan Hill, along with dumping his salary. The Pelicans, Nets and Hawks all have Disabled Player Exceptions, and are currently in play.
  • The NY Post reports the Thunder have "expressed interest" in Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr., though the latter is almost considered "untouchable" at this point.
  • The Suns "aren't close to anything" and may choose to stand pat, according to USA Today.
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