NBA Trade Deadline: Rockets won't trade Kyle Lowry in deal for Pau Gasol

Chris Mannix of reports: 

The Rockets reportedly will not include Kyle Lowry in any trade for Pau Gasol. (Getty Images)
So this is where the Rockets have come to. They're desperate for a star, someone to put them at the elite level and build around. Daryl Morey has shown without a doubt that he can develop and acquire quality supporting players. But getting the star after Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming left has been difficult. Thing is, they have one. 

Lowry is averaging 16 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds with a 19 PER. He's shooting less than 42 percent from the field, but he's running the Rockets and is the biggest reason they're hovering anywhere near the playoffs.

But he's played himself to a level beyond what he can be moved for. He's too good to move, but not enough to build around solely. They're not supporting players away from contending. They need a star to allow Lowry to be the second best player, an exceptionally dangerous second best player on the floor. So now they're trapped, unable to trade their best asset because he's too god and unable to get the player to go with him because of the supporting talent. 

It's not that the Rockets have done a bad job. It's that they haven't done a good enough job at being bad enough to get a star. Basically, building an NBA team is weird.
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