The Chicago Bulls could use a youth movement. Their duct-tape attempts at fielding a competitive team around Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo have failed. Wade and Butler have blamed the younger players, there's talk of dissension between Butler and the front office, Fred Hoiberg seems unable to control the situation and the team is still wavering around .500.

So it should come as no surprise that they have reached out to Philadelphia about acquiring former No. 3 overall pick Jahlil Okafor, as CSN Chicago reports:

So far, there's more interest on the Bulls' side than the 76ers' side, according to sources, but the Bulls are interested in Okafor's services. Because salaries have to match and Okafor is on a rookie-scale deal, one wonders how it can work if the 76ers aren't enamored with some of the Bulls' young players who've yet to fully blossom. The Bulls could conceivably open up talks to a third team if need be, considering it isn't likely they'd want to part with any future first-round picks as they're still deciding how they are to proceed with franchise direction in the next couple seasons.

Talks aren't necessarily heating up, but they aren't dead. It's interesting how they could see using Okafor as a low-post scorer while currently having Cristiano Felicio and Robin Lopez at center.

Source: Bulls inquiring about 76ers big man and Chicago native Jahlil Okafor, per sources | CSN Chicago.

The Bulls do have some young pieces the Sixers might want. Denzel Valentine and Jerian Grant are both former first-rounders who have shown flashes at point guard, which the Sixers desperately need.

The Bulls are giving Jahlil Okafor a hard look. USATSI

However, given the Bulls' discord, you have to wonder if a bigger deal is coming. If they're looking at greater overall moves regarding the roster, then moving either Taj Gibson or Robin Lopez might make sense. And given that the Sixers don't need another big man, a third team becoming involved does make sense.

Okafor is widely considered to be relatively damaged goods considering his off-court trouble during his rookie season and his limited game in the modern pace-and-space era compounded by his defensive liabilities. But he's an excellent buy-low candidate. We'll see if the Bulls and Sixers can figure out a move, and if so, if this means the Sixers are done moving key pieces with Nerlens Noel's recent resurgence.