NBA Trade Rumors: Bulls reportedly telling teams they're not trading Jimmy Butler

Despite what Isaiah Thomas may tweet, it doesn’t sounds like the Boston Celtics or any other team for that matter, will be able to acquire Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler in a trade. 

Since basically last year, Butler has been linked to the Celtics in a multitude of rumors and reports. Boston has plenty of assets they could use to acquire Butler, but according to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, the Bulls have no desire to trade their All-Star just yet. Johnson does add one qualifier though: the Bulls will trade Butler if they get a significant offer. 

The Celtics have been hesitant to include the Brooklyn Nets 2017 first-round pick, which could end up being a top-three selection. And it seems like, if Boston really wants to get Butler, they will need to include that pick.

Chicago may be treading water this season but there is no rush to trade Butler. He is their main star and is Chicago’s go-to scorer. Butler’s leadership style did create some tension earlier this season, however he is a unique talent and the Bulls will be much worse without him.

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