While the Carmelo Anthony drama continues to burn in New York like a trash fire under a bridge, Yahoo Sports reports that the Celtics have clearly set their sights elsewhere as they pursue a trade to finally put them on Cleveland's level in the East:

Boston's shown minimal interest in Anthony, preferring to continue its pursuit of persuading Chicago (Jimmy Butler) and Indiana (Paul George) to engage in trade talks that involve two younger, more well-rounded stars.

Source: Sources: Phil Jackson's public actions steeling 'Melo's resolve to stay with Knicks.

The Bulls' interest in Butler has been known for some time, and George makes a lot of sense not only because of his overall star power and ability, but because of the connection between Pacers president Larry Bird and the Celtics. However, Bird has made it clear that the Pacers have no intention of trading George.

This tidbit was buried deep down in a longer examination of the Knicks' situation and not leading its own, so you shouldn't get too excited about "#PG2Boston" just yet. It's unlikely that there's been much, if any traction on George. As for Butler, he's busy trying to lure Melo on his own to Chicago, but with the ongoing tensions between Butler and the Bulls' front office, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

The Celtics continue to have the most valuable cache of trade assets in the league. (Or do they?) They'll continue to be active in trade talks, but they'll have to catch the right moment where everything comes together at the perfect moment.

As for Anthony, it's no surprise they're lukewarm on the idea of adding him. We broke down the problems with it in this post. Melo fails to help them in the areas they need, while complicating the things that make them great. They would do well to stay away, and Danny Ainge is smart enough to know that. The odds of that deal happening seem very slim.