NBA trade rumors: Clippers aren't receiving many serious offers for DeAndre Jordan

Early in the season, when the Clippers were dealing with all sorts of injuries, and free-falling into the bottom of the Western Conference standings, it seemed a trade involving DeAndre Jordan was inevitable. Now, however, just about a month from the trade deadline, the Clips may not move the big man after all.

According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski, the Clippers are not receiving many serious offers for Jordan, and are not determined to move him. The Bucks -- who have been linked to Jordan before -- are reportedly still interested, but they may not have the assets to make a deal. Via ESPN:

The biggest names on the trade market can dictate momentum, and so far, the sluggish pursuit of LA Clippers veteran DeAndre Jordan reflects the overall morass. Jordan, 29, can decline the player option on his $24.1 million contract for 2018-19, and most teams believe the All-Star center will be willing to re-sign with the team that trades for him -- as long as they're willing to pay him his long-term extension. So far, serious offers to Los Angeles have been slow to come. "He's a difference-maker, but I'm not sure anyone thinks he puts you over the top," one GM said.

Because so few elite teams, if any, play through the center position offensively, there's less of an urgency to exhaust trade assets on Jordan before seeing who else might join the trade market. Milwaukee has been determined to find a center, and Jordan tops the Bucks' list, but it's unclear if they have a package to eventually make the deal.

The Clippers aren't set on trading Jordan at all costs, because the idea of bringing back marginal draft picks with heavy protections and so-so talent in a trade is far too unappealing.

While they aren't title contenders, the Clippers have improved since their nine-game losing streak early in the season, and are just two games back of the eighth seed in the West. While they still very well could deal Jordan, the fact that they've looked solid with a (mostly) healthy lineup may give them pause. 

It also makes sense that teams aren't willing to go all in to get Jordan. He is a very useful player, but with how top heavy the league is right now, there aren't many teams that could acquire him and suddenly think they have what it takes to beat the Warriors or Cavs. And with the possibility that he becomes a free agent this summer, teams have to be wary of giving up too much just to potentially win a few more playoff games. 

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