When LaMarcus Aldridge signed with the Spurs it felt like it would work out because it's the Spurs. Players that go to San Antonio naturally find success as long as they play to the system. While Aldridge has found success, the fit has been awkward. Publicly he has been professional, but reportedly there are some issues both sides need to work out behind the scenes.

According to Sam Amick of USA Today, Aldridge isn't happy on the Spurs and that's why San Antonio has ramped up trade discussions the last couple of days, seeking a top-10 pick in Thursday's NBA Draft in exchange for the big man.  

According to a person with knowledge of the Spurs forward's situation, it's the 31-year-old's unhappiness in San Antonio that is the driving force behind the Spurs' trade talks on Thursday. The five-time All-Star, according to the person, is hopeful that San Antonio can find a better fit for his talents.

The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation.

Those with long memories will remember that Aldridge was reportedly unhappy at one point during his tenure with the Trail Blazers and wanted out. Again, this is not enough to cause problems but certainly enough to want a scenery change. The Spurs have noticed the fit between the two sides is awkward and want to try and move him.

One of the teams that could trade for Aldridge is the Suns. Phoenix and Aldridge had mutual interest during his free agency in 2015 and it wouldn't be surprising to see him end up there again after his tenure with the Spurs didn't work out quite the way either side wanted it to. According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Suns may be the only franchise that can keep Aldridge long term after trading for him.