NBA Twitter reacts to the DeAndre Jordan free agency saga

It was quite the day on NBA social media Wednesday as the DeAndre Jordan saga unfolded. Early Wednesday word leaked that Jordan was reconsidering his decision to leave the Clippers for the Mavericks. That started the series of transportation emoji we shared with you earlier. Then things really got out of hand. 

Kobe dropped the jewelry reference.
Strong statement, but then, of course... MJ upped him. Or at least his brand's company account did. 

Boom. Drop the mic, GOAT.

Just as the DeAndre stuff got going, Clippers center Ekpe Udoh had a pretty fantastic tweet.

Paul Pierce being too old to understand how to use emoji was tremendous. 

And that was pretty much how everyone was all day watching his roll out. Right about the time that the reports surfaced that the Clippers weren't leaving Jordan's house, prompting jokes about it being a hostage situation, Blake Griffin -- who was at the meeting -- got in on the gag.

That's a world-class troll right there.

He followed it up with a sleepover gag.

Then slightly after midnight ET, the Clips made it official. DJ was back in the fold.

Paul Pierce of course took credit for closing the deal.

Chris Paul had been attached to talk that he had helped drive Jordan away, but reportedly was a strong part of the pitch to get Jordan back... after he got off the banana boat of course.

"Believe only half of what you see, and nothing that you hear" -Edgar Allan Poe

A photo posted by Chris Paul (@cp3) onJul 8, 2015 at 9:28pm PDT

Dropping a Poe reference. Deep cut there, CP3.

Clippers announcer Ralph Lawler was excited.

And to wrap it all up, J.J. Redick adjusted his free agency grade for the Clips, and drove back to Austin, Texas to be with his infant kiddos.

And to all a good night! Except for the Mavericks. Because that's just sad. Although Chandler Parsons had an amazing burn on DJ. 

And in conclusion, no really, Paul Pierce is too old to understand emoji.

DeAndre Jordan had everyone feeling like this Wednesday.  (USATSI)
DeAndre Jordan had everyone feeling like this Wednesday. (USATSI)

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