NBA will no longer allow players to wear 'ninja-style' headbands due to safety concerns

The NBA is planning to make changes to the headband options for this upcoming season. The league issued a memo to notify teams and players that it will disallow "ninja-style headwear" moving forward, Adrian Wojnarowski reports via NBA spokesman Mike Bass. He reports that the headwear "... hasn't been through the league approval process. Teams have raised concerns regarding safety and consistency of size, length ..." of the headbands. 

The trendy look will no longer be allowed on the court and the league says the issue with the headbands came up last season, but they wanted to wait until the offseason to address it. 

NBA: Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers
Say goodbye to the 'ninja' headband look for next season. USATSI

"When some players began wearing them last season, we didn't want to cause a disruption by intervening midseason ..." Bass said. Wojnarowski also reports that teams were notified of the rule changes in May. 

The NBA's Competition Committee is set to discuss the situation at some point this week. This has been something teams have brought to the league's attention, and according to Bass, the biggest concern is "how they are tied which requires a thorough review before consideration of any rule change." 

The Timberwolves paid their respects to the accessory saying, "gone but not forgotten" with photos of Karl-Anthony Towns in the headband in question.

Players that may be particularly upset with the new rule are Jimmy ButlerJrue HolidayJarrett Allen and Mike Scott, among others, who popularized the headwear.

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