Nets GM: No minutes restriction expected for Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez has no restrictions on minutes planned.  (USATSI)
Brook Lopez has no restrictions on minutes planned. (USATSI)

Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King said Monday that there are no plans to have minute restrictions on center Brook Lopez as he attempts to recover from another foot surgery performed last season.

“We will sit down with him and the doctors and come up with a plan,” King said during an interview on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“Right now, there is no plan to put any restrictions on him, but I think as we do with all players through the preseason -- whether you’re looking at KG [Kevin Garnett] or Deron [Williams], who’s coming off of ankle injuries -- you build them up. You get them ready for the opening day of the season, but you’re really getting them ready for January, February, March and April. So I look at it like climbing a ladder throughout the season when you have veteran players. But I know [new coach] Lionel [Hollins] is gonna push all these guys and challenge them physically. And whatever doctors allow Brook and Deron to do, Lionel is going to push them to that point.”

via Billy King: No restrictions placed on Brook Lopez - ESPN New York.

Lopez played 82 games his first three seasons before his first foot surgery kept him out of all but five games two years ago. Then he bounced back in 2012-2013 to play 74 games and while the Nets were terrible the first two months of the season, Lopez was their best player before he suffered another foot injury which required surgery. 

Obviously, multiple foot injuries for a big man is concerning, but the situation is also complicated by how well the Nets played small ball last season after Lopez went down. Under new coach Lionel Hollins, that could all be moot, but it's something to keep in mind, especially with Mason Plumlee's Team USA run and success last year. 

Either way, it's a good sign that there are no limitations expected of him, but you have to think the Nets will still be pretty cautious as Lopez gets back to full strength. A setback could be disastrous for him. No news is good news, though, in this case. 

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