Nets GM: Rookie Mason Plumlee likely to spend time in D-League

Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King told this weekthat rookie Mason Plumlee is likely to spend time with the Nets' D-League affiliate the Springfield Armor. Transcription via 

"I think Mason has done a good job being a rookie and not getting in the way of the veterans and listening to them," Billy King told "For him to have Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Brook Lopez, those guys can show him the right way to be a pro. It's going to help him for his long-term career. It's a great upside and the foundation for him will continue. This year, he'll have a chance. we're deep. But I think he'll play a lot of time in the D=League.  If the opportunity arises, I'm sure he'll play for us as well."

via Mason Plumlee doing well, but likely headed to Springfield - NetsDaily.

Plumlee's a rookie on a veteran team looking to contend for a title immediately. They have a very focused set of priorities around immediate success and don't have the time or patience to develop a young player like Plumlee. But depth is going to be a question mark with the Nets, and Plumleee might get some time if injuries start to pop up with Kevin Garett, Andray Blatche or Reggie Evans. 

But he's definitely going to experience the sights and sounds of Springfield, Massachusets. That's just part of being drafted to a team like Brooklyn. And honestly, that could really help him. Working on strength training, keeping in shape, focusing on the Nets' system, all of these things will help his career long-term, which is where his focus should be.

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