Nets hold players-only meeting, bail on media after home loss to Blazers

The Nets have been lost so far this season.  (USATSI)
The Nets have been lost so far this season. (USATSI)

Don't be surprised if the Brooklyn Nets come out with more energy than they have this season on Wednesday vs. the Charlotte Bobcats. They have turned to the tried-and-true desperation measure to try and fix their season. After they blew a double-digit lose and wound up getting smacked around by the Portland Trail Blazers (who were on an East Coast back-to-back), the Nets held the vaunted players-only-meeting. Oh, and then they bailed on the media. From the New York Post

After their offense fell apart in the second half of the Nets’ 108-98 loss to the Trail Blazers at Barclays Center, the team’s locker room remained closed for 25 minutes following the game while a players-only meeting was held.

When the room finally opened to the media, it was a ghost town, with several players having already left and team leaders Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett — who were a combined 10-for-31 in the game — eventually blowing off the assembled media.

“Just talking about the game, and what we’ve got to figure out,” Joe Johnson told The Post about the meeting.

“We’ve just got to get some chemistry, because when we get stagnant to where we can’t get a bucket, we have to have something we can go to and we’ve just got to figure it out.”


“Chemistry,” Johnson said when asked for an answer to the team’s woes. “It seems like at one point in time we have pretty good chemistry … then we just look like we don’t know what we’re out there doing.

“We get a little frustrated when the defensive schemes stop working, guys stop making shots and then the scheme is kind of out of the window. We’ve just got to stick to the game plan and see what we can do to get out of this.”

via Nets go quietly against Blazers | New York Post.

Meanwhile, some of the Nets tried to deny it was even a meeting, because they think the media and fans are idiots, apparently. From The Brooklyn Game: 

"No meeting at all," Jason Terry squashed, roughly an hour after the game. "Just guys reflecting, realizing that we just let another opportunity slip. But we'll figure this thing out."

Mason Plumlee acknowledged "a little frustration" in the locker room after the game, but nothing further, echoing Terry's sentiments. "We're all trying to figure it out and get on track."

via Brooklyn Nets 108, Portland Trail Blazers 98 Recap: Ghost Town.

The tone doesn't sound like there was any big breakthrough; it doesn't sound like anything was resolved or that the team feels beter about their situation. If anything, it sounds worse. 

Still, NBA teams are most dangerous when they're at their lowest point. And the Nets have to be at their lowest point, right?


They have Charlotte on Wedneday, followed by Minnesota, Detroit, Toronto, and the Lakers. Going 4-1 in that stretch would do an awful lot, putting them just a game behind .500. They can be back above .500 by the end of November and forget about this horrible start, but they've got to get healthy (Deron Williams and Brook Lopez missed Monday's game) and get back to what they were supposed to be in presesaon instead of what they are. Kevin Garnett finishing with more points than shots for a game would be a good start, and the bench unit not bleeding points would also help. 

As Ken Berger of notes, they're not running out of time, there's no real rush. But you also can't expect Mikhail Prokhorov to be patient with a $100 million investment forever, either. 

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