squatters redirect site to Raptors' homepage

Go to, which should be the official website of the Brooklyn Nets, right now. Go ahead, I'll wait. 

That's funny, that doesn't look like the Nets' homepage. 

Whoops. See, someone has been squatting on for years, hoping to get the team to pony up. From in 2012 back when the site would redirect to the Knicks' homepage: 

UPDATE: As a few have pointed out, the site is allegedly owned by Cyber Mesa, a telecommunications company in New Mexico. According to league sources close to Net Income of NetsDaily, the only reason they're messing with the Nets is in hope to get the Nets to pony up some serious cash (seven-figure style) to buy the domain name.

via The Plot Thickens: Redirects to Knicks Website.

Good times. Redirecting the site to the website of the first round opponent. The actual Nets site is at

That's some master trolling. Also funny that owner Mikhail Prokhorov will spring for a luxury tax bigger than the GDP of most small nations but not to buy off these dudes to get the URL back. 

Raptors-Nets Game 1 tips Saturday.

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