Neurologist testifies Donald Sterling 'likely' has Alzheimer's

Donald Sterling is suing to maintain control of the Clippers. (USATSI)
Donald Sterling is suing to maintain control of the Clippers. (USATSI)

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The Donald Sterling vs. Shelly Sterling trial kicked off Monday in Los Angeles, and on the opening day, a neurologist testified that based off her examination of Donald Sterling, the former Clippers owner "likely" has Alzheimer's disease. From CBS News: 

Dr. Meril Sue Platzer testified that she was hired by Sterling's wife, Shelly, to evaluate him and made the diagnosis based on imaging tests and a two-hour interview at his home with his wife and an attorney present.

"After it was over," she said. "I told him and Mrs. Sterling that he probably has Alzheimer's."

"What was his reaction?" asked Pierce O'Donnell, an attorney for Sterling's wife.

"I'm hungry. I want to eat," Platzer said.

via Doctor testifies Donald Sterling likely has Alzheimer's - CBS News.

Donald Sterling is suing to prevent the sale of the team by his estranged wife to Seattle businessman Steve Ballmer. The sale is contingent on the results of this lawsuit, but it could stretch beyond the NBA's deadline of July 15, after which Ballmer's offer expires and the league will vote whether to terminate ownership of the team by the Sterlings. 

The NBA banned Donald Sterling for life following the public release of recorded conversations, including racist remarks which he later admitted to. His wife later sold the team under the assertion that Donald Sterling is mentally incapable of executive decision-making over their majority share, which is what Donald Sterling's lawyers are contesting. Platzer testified that she was not aware at the time of the examination that her assessment was in connection with the sale of the Clippers. 

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