New York Knicks fined $50,000 for violating NBA's media policy when they banned newspaper from press conference

Early on Monday afternoon, the NBA announced they have fined the New York Knicks $50,000 for violating the league's media policy last week following the 2019 NBA Draft

The NBA announced today that the New York Knicks have been fined $50,000 for violating the NBA's rules regarding equal access for media.

The Knicks did not allow the New York Daily News access to their post-draft press conference on Friday, June 21 while allowing all other credentialed media who cover the team to attend.

The organization has agreed to comply with NBA Media Access Rules moving forward.

After the draft, it's typical for each team to hold a press conference to allow media to ask questions to the head coach or a member of the front office. The Knicks held their press conference as expected, but did not allow anyone from the New York Daily News to attend. 

The Knicks released a statement regarding the fine through their PR department:

"The Knicks acknowledge that we did not comply with the NBA's media policy, and made an error in interpreting Friday's announcement as an invite only event.  As we do throughout the year, we have and will continue to provide access to credentialed media as per the League's policy." 

This is not the first time that the Knicks and owner James Dolan have had problems with the press, specifically the Daily News. Back in March, Dolan prevented writer Stefan Bondy from calling into a conference call, as well as attending a press conference. 

At the time, Dolan said:

There are certain journalists, right, that, you know, actually wish ill will towards the team. They don't want to see the team win. They don't want to see the team be successful. They have their own personal axes to grind. They come in with the intent of, I mean, they've never written a positive story about the team. They see, I mean, like, the Porzingis trade. Those guys are like, they were -- another horrible thing has happened. It actually wasn't a horrible thing, and they knew it. They don't care. 

"I just don't get the bad optic thing. The reporters that hate the team -- hate the team, I mean, I'm literally, it's not just me, they hate the team, and by the way the team doesn't really love them either, why do they come?"

Digging into the specifics of the various petty feuds Dolan has with the media isn't worth anyone's time, but suffice it to say that banning publications from press conferences isn't acceptable. Hopefully the Knicks follow through with their pledge to follow the league's media guidelines. 

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