Nightly Grades 11.28.12: Wizards win and Josh Smith stuffs some stats

John Wall's prayers were finally answered. No, he didn't get traded... (Getty Images)

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Josh Smith I've been pretty hard on Josh Smith over the past couple years because he's made a lot of frustrating decisions on the court. But I will praise him when it's due. Smith finished two steals shy of a 5x5 game. He finished with 17 points (7-of-15 shooting), 13 rebounds, six assists, five blocks, and three steals. He only had two turnovers and took just six of his 15 shots from mid-range or farther.
Washington Wizards On November 28th, we no longer have a winless team in the NBA. The Washington Wizards were led by Jordan Crawford (19 points off the bench) and held the Portland Trailblazers to 34.9 percent from the field. If I were a nice person, I'd give the Wizards an A for finally getting their first victory of the season. But they're still 1-12, so they just get a B. Baby steps. 
Keeping games close This was a surprisingly boring night of basketball. The Wizards got their first win in a tight one and the Hawks and Bobcats went down to the wire. We also had the Rondo-Humphries kerfuffle. Other than that, eight of the first ten games on the night ended in double-digit scoring margins. 
James Harden This was not the storybook return James Harden was hoping for. The Oklahoma City Thunder destroyed Harden's Rockets and held him to a pretty terrible shooting night. He finished with 17 points on 3-of-16 shooting and had just three assists while turning the ball over three times. The Rockets shut down any Rockets attack centered around him early and dominated from start to finish.
Phoenix Suns and Portland Trailblazers The Suns lost by 40 to the Detroit Pistons and the Blazers gave up the first Wizards win of the season. I probably should have given them a Q. 
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