Nightly grades 12.6.12: Melo-less Knicks crush the Heat

Sheed. So much Sheed. (Getty Images)

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Raymond Felton Without Carmelo Anthony, it appeared the Knicks would be doomed against the Heat. They were going to be missing a primary scorer and a guy who could create his own looks in tough situations. Turns out Felton was ready for that job just fine. He tied a career-high with six 3s, scored 27 points and dished out seven assists. Without Melo, the Knicks absolutely smoked the Heat.
Rasheed Wallace Not an especially impressive line from Sheed -- 13 points on 4-13 shooting in 14 minutes -- but he added some quality interior defense, rebounded well (seven boards) and produced one outstanding discount double-check.
New York 3-point shooting The Knicks destroyed the Heat from the outside, hitting 18 3-pointers. But they did it largely by volume. New York attempted 44 -- 44! -- 3s. That's a whole lot.
LeBron James
His team might not have shown up, but he certainly did. Just an assist away from a triple-double (31-10-9). As things started going south in the fourth, LeBron looked like the only guy who genuinely cared about it.
Dwyane Wade Honestly, I kind of forgot he was playing. He was completely nonexistent. Wade just hasn't been right since his offseason knee surgery and Thursday was no different. Only 13 points on 3-13 from the field and he had little impact on anything. It looked as if Wade was just coasting to get the game over with.
Miami Heat They were completely blasted by 20 by a Knicks team without Carmelo Anthony. At home. The worst previous home loss in the Big 3 era was by 15 to Memphis last April. They didn't show up, they didn't compete. After a loss to the one-win Wizards earlier in the week, there's a little early concern over Miami. The Heat will be fine, but this certainly has been an ugly stretch.
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