Nightly Grades 3.11.13: Spurs school Thunder

Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management, the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad and the ugly from the night that was.

San Antonio Spurs No Tony Parker , no problem. Playing against their top competition to nab that No. 1 seed in the West, the Spurs schooled the Thunder behind a terrific 21-point performance from Tiago Splitter , a 3-point barrage from Danny Green and a second quarter explosion from Kawhi Leonard . Really, it was about as Spurs a performance as you could get. Everyone produced, everyone chipped in and San Antonio took down the Thunder.
Brandon Knight He's had a rough two days. I just felt like giving him an A.
Utah Jazz In desperate need of a win, they got it against the Detroit Pistons . It snapped a four-game skid and for a moment, puts them back in the eighth spot in the West.
Kosta Koufos Koufos finished with 22 points in Denver's ninth straight win, a 108-93 beatdown of the Phoenix Suns . But he missed a shot (10 of 11 from the field). What a slacker. (Note: For those oblivious, this is a sarcastic grade.)
Oklahoma City Thunder The excuse is there: Fourth game in five nights, on the road to finish it up against the best team in the conference. But still, that's not a great excuse to lay an egg against a Spurs team playing without Tony Parker in a game that gave OKC a chance to take the top spot in the conference. The Thunder roared out of the blocks early, but San Antonio closed the second quarter on a 28-10 run. And after OKC got it back to one late in the third, the Spurs hit the Thunder with another run to seal the deal. The season series is now 2-1 in favor of the Spurs, with a final big one in OKC April 4.
New York basketball The Brooklyn Nets fell on their face to the Philadelphia 76ers , but it was the New York Knicks who stole the show for awfulness. They scored just 63 points and shot an NBA season-low 27.4 percent from the field. They only had seven total players score a basket against the Golden State Warriors , with their leading scorer putting up 15. They were horrible. 
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