Nightly Grades 3.28.13: Pacers slam the door on the Mavs

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Indiana Pacers The Pacers' offense is usually a mess, but Thursday night, they got it going by pushing the Mavs with their defense and using it to start their offense. The Pacers play a pretty slow pace, but they're much better when they get into their sets quicker. Got a big win against Dallas to keep pace with New York for the 2nd seed.
Los Angeles Lakers After beating the Timberwolves on a blown no-call, the Lakers had a lead against the Bucks and just wilted under the pressure. Their pick-and-roll defense was a mess, once again, and Kobe Bryant's bone spurs may have contributed to his numerous turnovers. The Lakers cannot turn the ball over. Say it with me. The Lakers CANNOT turn the ball over and expect to win.
Milwaukee Bucks Went right at the Lakers and took this game. Larry Sanders was scoring over Dwight Howard, Monta Ellis' good run continues and Marquis Daniels played some fine defense. After a recent swoon, the Bucks needed this one, and they still have a shot at moving to the 7th seed to avoid the Heat.
Dallas Mavericks Seriously, getting Dirk Nowitzki the ball shouldn't be this hard, guys.
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