Nightly Grades 4.3.13: Another Melo evening

A The Knicks have won ten straight, but this may have been their best win. A playoff opponent, playing their best players, and it was "on the road," though a huge New York crowd was in attendance, as usual for Atlanta. The Knicks passed like their early season selves and Carmelo Anthony continued his en fuego performance, dropping 40 points. New York is peaking at the right time.
B Brooklyn faced a pretty miserable effort from Cleveland, but they took care of business. Coming off a good road trip with a bad ending, this was a good job to recover and stabilize. They need to keep pace and make it interesting with the Knicks for the division as long as possible. A solid, dominant win.
B+ Minnesota has had such a miserable ill-fated, injury-ridden season, they could have checked out for the year. But instead, on the road vs a feisty if not good Milwaukee team, Minnesota came out and took it to them. Ricky Rubio was hitting threes, which will never happen again, but they also played great defense and shared the ball to make smart plays. Great win.
B+ I know, I know, it's the Bobcats. But seriously, to watch this team Wednesday night? They played with heart, they played with effort, they got Josh McRoberts throwing down dunks and Gerald Henderson was terrific. This team is terrible, but not horrible, and there's a little tiny bit of hope on the horizon.
D+ What do you want, the terrible defense that kept leaving Carmelo Anthony in scoring positions, or the offense that kept throwing up all over itself? Different year, different team, same uninspring Hawks team limping into the playoffs.
D Seriously, Milwaukee, you're going to have to take the 8th seed. Just man up and accept it.
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