Nightly Grades: All of the games, ever


They had a really wonderful first quarter. It was lovely. They were moving the ball and creating things and Rudy Gay was shooting efficiently. 

And then the Pacers decided that they'd had enough of that. 

Toronto is who they have been. They have some talent. There's nothing special there. They're going to shoot a lot of jumpers. They're going to miss a lot of jumpers. They have no one who improves the flow of the offense. 

Their defense actually wasn't bad, but at the rim it wasn't great, either. 


A lot of teams if they give up 34 points in the first quarter are packing it in. But the Pacers are crazy tough and are just giving monstrous effort every night. 

They have so much confidence and when they decided that this game was over, it was done. That's the sign of a contender. Even if it's just right now, it's something for them to take away going forward. 

Paul George wasn't crazy efficient but once he got his legs under him he whipped the Raptors

A+ Locked down defensively for once. They had an 89.2 defensive efficiency against what has been a very competitive Orlando team. Looked like an NBA team for really the first time this season and has their first winning streak of the year. 
 F-  Lose to Boston, get n F-minus. Them's the rules. 

Had a lead and then imploded. Can't get stops, can't do anything on offense, Kyrie Irving can't make a shot, they don't have any cohesive concept, gave up easy buckets, didn't play with heart, gave up when things went badly, didn't pick up their own trash, didn't call their mothers to check in, went to rock concerts without earplugs, wore white after Labor Day...

It's bad, it's just all bad. 



Deron Williams isn't right. Joe Johnson looks lost in the rotation. Kevin Garnett looks like a shell of himself. The bench is uninspiring and not good. 

At what point are they going to play like the contender they're paid to be? 

Kevin Garnett was -19. 


Their best performance of the season, probably. Went down, battled back, stuck with their principles and made things happen. 

Bradley Beal got his shot going finally (27 points) and John Wall (14 assists) was masterful. Nene had a huge run to force overtime and their defense was finally substantial. Big win. 


Andrea Bargnani made shots! He blocked shots! The Knicks attacked the offensive glass! Effort! 

(There's always a bump after a major player gets injured for a long period of times. Guys rally. We'll see if this holds. )


Had some good things going but just didn't have the firepower. Of course, they were missing Al Jefferson, which is, you know, 80% of their firepower. 


Steven Adams and Reggie Jackson are giving them a bench lift and Kevin Durant is a man made of pure fire. A professional, well designed road win. 

OKC: Back to work. 


Chauncey Billups is playing too much, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope too little, and their passing has downgraded since Bandon Jennings came back. 

But overall, they hung with a title contender. This is about where they're at, and it wasn't a bad effort.




It's a back to back road game, that's fine. But Pau Gasol got destroyed and when they don't have outlandishly wonderful shooting, they are going to struggle. 

Kobe Bryant probably could have kept them afloat tonight, but this is still not a very good team, no matter how many feud games they win vs. better teams. 


 The Warriors were without Stephen Curry and Golden State took San Antonio to the wire in San Antonio.

This after the Spurs struggled with the Suns

The offense is unimpressive, and the defense is inconsistent. There are some concerns here. But hey, they keep winning, so who cares? 


Great effort without their best player. If only Andrew Bogut hadn't apparently drank fifteen bottles of grain alcohol in the final three minutes of the game and the Warriors could have grabbed a damn rebound, they might have had their most impressive win of the season. 


Markieff Morris

Sure. The Suns keep winning and nothing makes sense. 

I'm cold. So cold. 


Back to back road game, and they stormed back from a big fourth quarter deficit, but this team's defense is just a mess. They can't deter penetration on the perimeter and their interior defense is like a smoothie exploded in a recyling container. 


Kevin Love is pretty awesome. Really solid win by the Wolves who got back to their execution. When they play consistently to their scheme, their offense is a nightmare to try and stop. 


Monta Ellis had an inefficient game. I'm sure that will never happen again. 


They needed a "take your frustrations out on a terrible team" game. They got it. 


Karl Malone is rolling over in his grave. 

What do you mean he's not dead? 


 Your typical Grade D Kings loss. 


Simple, efficient execution. They let them  hang around a while but also controlled the game for the majority of the game. Great offensive balance. 

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