Nightly Grades: Bad injuries and bad luck

Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad, and the ugly from the night that was. 


Washington's reserves just fell apart and the starters could never pick it back up again. John Wall has 37 points and the Washington Wizards lose.... that's a bad sign. 


Pretty much the perfect Toronto Raptors game. Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan both shot efficiently and both spread the ball around. They had multiple players in double figures, and Jonas Valanciunas and Tyler Hansbrough locked down the paint. 


They're expected to lose most games but not up multiple possessions inside a minute. Complete lack of focus and an inablitiy to close out weak opponents. That's OK though, because at least they're young, wiat, ,no, they're mostly veterans. 


Scrappy, tricky, whatever it takes. The Sixers now have six wins before the end of the first month of play with an over/under of 19 wins. Who would have thought? 


Underrated win. The Charlotte Hornets have been tough and the Phoenix Suns had to head East for this one. Got a quality win in which they controlled the game for the majority of it and once again, Channing Frye got loose, and their defense stepped up big time for a young team, especially without Eric Bledsoe


Terrible loss at home. They keep knocking off good teams then falling behind to teams like Phoenix. Their offense just up and died in the second half. At some point you just have to make shots. 


Screwed around for half, then destroyed the second worst team in basketball in the second half. They have a gear few teams have, and they know when to kick it over. Great job in the second half, but this should never have been in question. 


They are awful. 


It looked so good for a while. Lead most of the game, and in the late fourth, the Cavs looked like they were going to simply out-veteran the New Orleans Pelicans . Then a total  collapse. Kyrie Irving tried to do too much and the defense lost its priciples. Another bad loss. 


Not a great win considering the comeback necessary, but there was a point they could have folded and instead they kicked the door in. Progress. 


Jeff Teague took over down the stretch and this was a surprisingly good win for the Atlanta Hawks who find themselves third in the East. .


Floundering and don't know how to pull themselves out of the mud. 


They always beat the Memphis Grizzlies


May have lost Marc Gasol for a long length of time, lost to a division rival, lost at home. Bad all around. 


Throw these Brooklyn Nets out, they don't smell right. 


Vanquished the Nets with ease, and made this one into a laugher from the first half on. 


Showed some OK things but never really threatened. 


Not a team you want to run into into in Dallas. Really strong team identity right now for the Mavs. 


Sure. Why not. Golf clap. 


No Curry, Andre Iguodala down with a hamstring. Eventually these things catch up with you. 


Offense looked bad for as long as it could without losing. Closing out is good, but they had good reason to finish this off in the early 4th and let the Chicago Bulls hang. Need more defensive discipline. 


Please be OK Rose. Please. 

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