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Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad, and the ugly from the night that was.

A The San Antonio Spurs just had their 11-game winning streak snapped and they were playing without Tony Parker Friday night. They still managed to control the game from the start and shot 55.3% from the field. The Spurs took control of this game in the second quarter and never looked back.
A The Russell Westbrook game-winning corner three-ball was a perfect way to end a really fun contest. Westbrook had 34 points, seven assists, and five steals in the winning effort. Kevin Durant chipped in 25 points, 13 rebounds, and five assists. OKC struggled to make shots all night but made up for it at the free throw line.
A The Houston Rockets did exactly what they should do against a horrendous Brooklyn Nets team. Six players were in double figures and the Rockets dropped in 19 of their 32 3-point attempts. Chandler Parsons was perfect with 21 points on 7-of-7 shooting from the field, 6-of-6 from three.
A The Indiana Pacers held one of the best fast break teams in the league to zero fast break points. They also turned 18 turnovers by the Washington Wizards into 26 points in a blowout victory. 9-0 at home right now and they're just shredding teams at the Fieldhouse.
A- Even in the losing effort, you have to like what the Golden State Warriors did Friday night on the road. Stephen Curry was absurd with 32 points, 11 rebounds, and five assists while Harrison Barnes gave the team 26 points on 15 shots. They went away from what was working when the game went to overtime and maybe got back to it too late. Also, not securing the final rebound resulted in a loss.
B+ Anthony Davis started 0-of-5 from the field and finished 11-of-20 when the game was over. It sounds weird saying this is a big win for the New Orleans Pelicans over the Philadelphia 76ers on the road but it really is a nice victory for a team trying to prove they've figured out their issues. Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon combined for 46 points.
B+ Jordan Crawford recorded the third triple-double of his career as the Boston Celtics rolled the hapless Cleveland Cavaliers . Jeff Green had 31 points on 19 shots and all five starters were in double figures. This game wasn't even close. 
B+ What happens when an untankable force meets an unwinnable object? The Phoenix Suns end up rolling the Utah Jazz in Utah. Eric Bledsoe (19 points) and Markieff Morris (24 points) just destroyed the Jazz off the bench. The team only turned the ball over eight times. 
B Miami Heat looked to have this one in control until a bad offensive effort in the fourth quarter allowed the Toronto Raptors to say in it. Just 12 points in the quarter for the Heat but they managed to hang on for the victory. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade combined for 49 points on 33 shots but Chris Bosh only had four points before fouling out.
B The Nuggets probably need to run this Knicks team out of the building when they play in Denver, but a win is a win. At some point, Ty Lawson will start getting his due for what an incredible season he's having. He finished with 22 points and eight assists in Friday's victory, but his impact on the game felt greater than that production. Denver only had two fast break points but still won.
B Chris Paul didn't play and they gave a lot of the playmaking duties to Jamal Crawford. Crawford had 31 points and 11 assists off the bench to lead the Clippers. DeAndre Jordan nearly had a triple-double with 10 points, 15 rebounds, and nine rebounds. Amazingly, they committed just 16 fouls in this game.
B The Charlotte Hornets blew out the Milwaukee Bucks and I didn't even bat an eye. Al Jefferson had 23 points and 12 rebounds to lead the team, but the Bucks are so bad at this point that they honeslty should have had a more dominant victory. Still a good effort by the Bobs.
B An Al Horford jumper with four seconds left gave the Atlanta Hawks a one-point win after having a horrible start to the game. Atlanta overcame a seven-point effort in the first nine minutes of the second quarter while the Mavericks built a big lead. A 24-12 fourth quarter completely made up for it. 
B Wes Johnson and Shawne Williams combined for 47 points on 24 shots. In an NBA game. Seriously. The bench came up huge with 52 points (that's not including Johnson's 27 because he started) and they kept the Detroit Pistons from hurting them behind the 3-point line (1-of-8).
B- A bad fourth quarter by the Dallas Mavericks took away a chance at what would have been a good road victory. The bench had a pretty inefficient night for the team with just 20 points on 5-of-22 shooting. They were saved a little bit by DeJuan Blair getting to the line eight times. 
B- The Sixers got a great effort from Tony Wroten, who had 24 points off the bench and was killing almost every double team attempt on pick-and-rolls, but it wasn't enough against a good Western Conference opponent. A 25-6 fast break scoring deficit was hard for Philly to overcome.
B- The Kings lost this game in overtime but they got a fantastic debut from Derrick Williams. He had 12 points (on 13 shots), six rebounds, and four assists in his first game with his new team, but showed a lot more confidence than we saw with the Wolves this season. Cousins led the team with 25 points, nine rebounds, and six assists.
B- The beginning of the game looked like a clinic for the Pistons. The frontcourt was dominating and it looked like the Pistons would run away with this against the Los Angeles Lakers . But they allowed the Lakers to get back into the game right away and never took control of the game again. 13-of-25 from the charity stripe doesn't help either.
C+ The Toronto Raptors had nice games from DeMar DeRozan (25 points on 10-of-20 shooting) and Rudy Gay (21 points on 21 shots but 11 rebounds and three assists), but they couldn't get much out of the Jonas Valanciunas - Amir Johnson tandem. A 13-point fourth quarter ruined a chance at capitalizing on the Heat struggling in the final period.
C+ Carmelo Anthony battled and battled but in the end, he didn't have enough to put up a game-tying shot over the outstretched hand of Randy Foye. How he got blocked by the 6'4" Foye, I have no idea. But the Knicks lost their eighth straight game and now are in danger of dropping 10 games below .500 on the season.
C+ Not even 60 points in the paint could get the Jazz a home victory against the Suns. Six different players scored in double figures but you can't allow 54.7 percent shooting from the field and expect to win. Maybe they don't expect to win...
C Not sure what more you can ask of the Orlando Magic . They just couldn't keep up with a great offensive effort from the Spurs and they're not built to stop it quite yet. At least they won a quarter, right? Right?
D 73 points in Indiana isn't a good thing but it's probably about as good as you can expect from a lot of lower opponents in the Eastern Conference. Without Bradley Beal, the Wizards just don't have enough firepower against the Pacers. Jan Vesely started, played 20 minutes and didn't attempt a single shot or free throw, which is weird.
D Brook Lopez returned and the team still looked awful. Maybe Jason Kidd should dump the entire Gatorade container onto the floor and try to get these contests postponed. 
D- They had 10 points at the end of the first quarter. They allowed a triple-double to Jordan Crawford. And Dion Waiters and Anderson Varejao were the only guys that seemed to care for the entire game. This is a bad team in a bad place right now.
F I can't imagine where this team would have been tonight if they didn't get that 17-point effort from Brandon Knight . I can't believe I just typed that about an NBA game.
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