Nightly Grades: Let us never speak of Knicks-Nets again

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Burn it down. Contract them. Ship them out. Export them. Deport them. Trade them to the NFL for Jacksonville. 

There is literally no brigh spot. There are no saving graces. No one played well. No one played decent. Everyone played badly. They coached badly. Their incessant marketing campaign was terrible. The other team's fans ran their arena and made all the noise. 

Tear down Barclays and build a sewage treatment center in its stead. 

Calling this rock bottom is an insult to species who live at rock bottom.


They got their shooting going, which is a huge element for them. With the porous defense in front of them, they launched threes, a huge key to their attack. It's hard to reward them too much for this since all they had to do was show up. 

But Amar'e Stoudemire defended the rim well (!), Andrea Bargnani lead by example (!), and J.R. Smith remembered how to find the little nylon thing attached to the rim. Iman Shumpert was great and they managed to keep position enough to allow Brooklyn to drown itself. 

Now, can they grow from this? 


Great performance on the second night of a back to back, on the road, vs. a rival. Really a quality performance. Got their offense going and hammered away at the pitiful Memphis offense. Even with the injuries, the way they dominated out of the break was really impressive.


Pitiful really is the word for the offense. I can't give them an F, simply because without Ed Davis (ankle), Marc Gasol (knee), Tony Allen and a hobbled Zach Randolph, they're missing way too much. But the defensive meltdown in the third quarter is a concerning letdown in a home game against a tired opponent in a rivalry game. 

A season of mostly disappointment continues. 


Terrible effort right out of the blocks. You'd think as often as Chicago beats them in the regular season that they'd get up for this game, Rose or no. But it appears there is a fairly stable formula in place. 

(Heat + Bulls - Rose)/ Regular Season = Loss. 

((Heat - Wade)+ Bulls - Rose)/ Regular Season = Blowout Loss. 

They couldn't shoot, but they also simply played ineffectively at both ends and never matched Chicago's effort. Good thing all that matters is the playoffs. 


Great win. Did what they do, beat the Heat with hustle, heart, and efficiency. This game proves more than ever my theory that they have only one gear, and it's a high one, but that's also why they struggle in the playoffs. 

But for a Thursday in December against the mighty champs, it's a great win. Joakim Noah is a beast. 

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