Nightly Grades: Spurs edge Warriors without Big 3

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They won. It wasn't hard. Reggie Jackson was pretty good. You know who was better? 


Yeah, that's right. E. They tried hard. Look, they were in OKC without Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, and Kirk Hinrich. That's like 60 percent of what makes their team good. 

They tried hard enough to cover. Good for them. Let this team sim out its season, please. 


Gregg Popovich rested the Spurs' starters, won a game over an opponent with possible tiebreaker implications, and didn't get fined doing it. 

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. 

Also, Marco Belinelli went nutso, and the Spurs just put on a basketball clinic.


They gave this game away. No really. They gave it away by throwing the ball to people in the stands or the other team. That was a huge part of their loss. 

They also couldn't defend. Not "couldn't defend elite players who put the game on their backs," but "couldn't defend guys who kind of hung around free agency" or "couldn't defend Patty Mills." The Spurs do this, they're great at it, but the Warriors want to be contenders, they have to expect more from themselves than this. 

Klay Thompson missed many shots. 

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