Nightly Grades: The Knicks look great in a meaningless game

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You get the sense that Brooklyn may be maneuvering to move down. They didn't rest starters, but they didn't have it. This was the kind of effort you'd see in exhibition games. That's kind of what the game felt like. One big exhbition. 

Mason Plumlee did play really well, however. He continues to show a lot for a rookie. 

Also, Paul Pierce got cross'd. 


Of course. Of course. Of course this is the game where they play together, fast and loose, defend with energy, break open in the full court and look like an actual team.

After being eliminated. They're now 2-0 since being eliiminated. You know, if the Knicks got eliminated from the playoffs sooner, they might have made the playoffs.

Anyway, Cole Aldrich looked great, which was neat to see, if only to remember he's in the league. Amar'e continues a late-season rennaissance, and Iman Shumpert looked terrific. Great game that meant nothing. .


They were totally outgunned from the start, going down 13-0. They just didn't have enough weapons. The Nuggets are rarely outclassed but the Clippers were engaged, at home, healthy, and had a million more weapons. 

Evan Fournier continues to be good in several areas but not great in anything, Kenneth Faried finally lost a matchup, and their wings didn't give enough. 

That said, they fought the whole game, and never bailed. There's something to be said for that at this point in the season. 


When they have everyone going, it's something special. They're rarely healthy, but with Redick, Crawford, Paul, Griffin, and Jordan, they can just hurt you in too many ways. 

The defensive efforts were terrific and CP3 showed flashes of the playoff gear. 

The Clippers are ready to make a run. 

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