Nightly Grades: Warriors douse the Heat in Miami

Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad, and the ugly from the night that was. 


Orlando hung in there and played a more balanced, more fundamental game. They built a seven point lead with 50 seconds remaining. It was over. 

And then an absolutely phenomenal tanking job ensued. It was heroic tanking. It was also sad. Any time the Magic try and tell you they have what it takes to make a run this season, remember this loss. Because it was a horrible game the Cavs didn't want to win and the Magic still lost it. 


Congratulations. You managed to get E'Twuan freaking Moore to miss two free throws, force overtime in a game that was in the 70's and win in overtime. You want a cookie? 

Dion Waiters has been really good the last month. 


Steph Curry spit hot fire, Andrew Bogut's interior defense was terrific. But the real reason the Warriors won was David Lee. He absolutely destroyed Shane Battier and his interior scoring was good, his passing better. 

The Warriors look like a legitimate title contender again. 


Their defensive rotations were poor, and LeBron James was sloppy as all get out. 

They kept giving up backdoor cuts and open threes, and they weren't finding the same kind of open looks they usually do. They legitimately got worked over. This was a bad loss at home. 


Nets win? Nets win! 

Great comeback, with Paul Pierce at the four as the catalyst. Terrific defense down the stretch too. They triple-teamed Durant and when he got rid of the ball they rotated to the corners to force the clock down. 

Nets win! 


Back to back double-digit collapses. No way to paint lipstick on that pig. 

Reggie Jackson looked off Kevin Durant late, again. That's getting to be an issue. 

D- Not going to lie to you, you couldn't pay me to watch this game. But amazingly enough, it turns out Jared Sullinger and Jordan Crawford don't make you a good team. 
B OK, I lied, I watched a little of it. Taj Gibson's a really underrated power forward and the Bulls aren't bad at home. 

I have no jokes to make, no sarcastic comments, no backhanded compliments. The Knicks just played like a good NBA team and beat the Spurs on the road. Iman Shumpert was fantastic, and they did a great job closing the game out defensively.

They just won a great game. 


You know what happens when you rely on Marco Belinelli for 32 points eventually? 

You lose, eventually. Poor performance from a team that never had their rotations down right, for once. 

B Another good win by a team that looks not so bad all of a sudden. Turns out when Derrick Favors and Gordon Heyward play well at the same time, good things happen. 
D- Their defense was a lot better under Scott Skiles. Larry Sanders didn't look bad, but this is the worst team in the league, losing a game to another bad team. 
A Terrific win. They've started to put together some good performances in a row. Ed Davis is turning into a decent player in the system and Mike Miller's alive, which helps. They made this into their kind of grinding game and the Suns weren't prepared to go in those trenches. 
D- You can't let Memphis drag you into the mud. That's where you drown. That's where they want you. 
F On the road against way superior teams is not a friendly place. Charlotte's better this year, but not that much better. 
A Just did their thing. They've done it before, they'll do it again. Their offense is just too much for nearly every team in the league. 
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