Nightly Grades: Warriors give Sixers' winning streak a funeral pyre


Hung on, but that got pretty scary there for a while. They still have a lot to shore up but Andrew Bynum was productive and Kyrie Irving showed some improvement towards playing much more like himself. Anderson Varejao's late game defense was superb.

Great win to right things against a quality team, though.


They came back from a huge deficit on a road back to back. They just couldn't hit shots and that's clearly the fatigue talking. Theyet the D+ here because it takes either extraordinary circumstances or a team with severe deficiencies competing to force a passing grade in a loss. 

But consider this as close to a C as you can get without being one. The Wolves are serious. This is the definition of a good loss, and if Kevin Love's decent look had fallen it would have been a great win.


They are the NBA Jam team of the league right now. It's all dunks and behind-the-back passes and threes and they're always on fire. Just blistered the team from start to finish. Stephen Curry didn't have a great game... and had a triple-double. 

This team is just a monster. 

F Well, it was fun while it lasted. Everyone back in the tank!
D Scrappy effort on the road from the now 0-4 Celtics. They hit a lot of shots that are not good for them though. Jared Sullinger threes, Courtney Lee mid-range shots. They played tough so they keep a D but this team is very much the Worst Team in Basketball right now.
D This should not count as a full win. It should be a half win. They are now 1.5-2 on the season in my book. Just a terrible effort, the offensive spacing is a nightmare, they still can't shoot and their rotations are out of whack. They look downright mediocre for the first time in three years. This team needs a major kick in the backside. 

Well, they can score. How does a team put 78 in the first half and 137 overall and not get an A? This team has to be able to play defense consistently and not allow runs. This thing was a single-digts ballgame in the fourth. The Cippers are not judged as a team trying to be good, but to be great. They're on thei way, especially at home, but more is required. 

That said, Chris Paul is pure sickness. 


The Rockets entered with the eighth best defense in points per possession.

That number is going to be a mess of ashes tomorrow. The Rockets were without Patrick Beverley but they cannot be so dependent on any one player to hold their defense together. Chris Paul shredded them, J.J. Redick torched them, DeAndre Jordan beasted them. It was tough.

Houston had a complete no-show from James Harden and the defensive questions about Jeremy Lin returned. They get another shot at the Clppers in Houston later this week. They had better give better defensive effort. 

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