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Nike is likely done with Kyrie Irving, co-founder Phil Knight said in an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Thursday. The company announced last Friday that it had suspended its relationship with the Brooklyn Nets guard, after Irving had promoted an antisemitic film on social media and refused to denounce it or apologize for a week. At the same time, Nike announced that it would not release the Kyrie 8, Irving's new signature shoe, which he had already been wearing in games.

"I would doubt that we would go back," Knight told CNBC's Becky Quick. "But I don't know for sure."

On the decision to suspend Irving, Knight said: "Kyrie stepped over the line. It's kind of that simple. So he made some statements that we just can't abide by, and that's why we ended the relationship. And yeah, I was fine with that."

Quick brought up that the Nets had given Irving numerous chances to apologize before suspending him and asked if Nike had done the same.

"Same situation," Knight said. "He was dug in."

Even prior to the antisemitism scandal, Irving's relationship with Nike was reportedly nearing an end. The contract is set to expire after the 2022-23 season, and ESPN reported in May that Nike was not likely to offer him another one. In July 2021, Irving called Nike's design of the Kyrie 8 "trash" in an Instagram post, adding that he had "absolutely nothing to do with them" and the company planned "to release it without my okay regardless of what I say," then walked back his comments several days later. 

The Nets suspended Irving without pay last Thursday for a minimum of five games, saying in a press release that he is "currently unfit to be associated with the Brooklyn Nets." On Wednesday, general manager Sean Marks said he has not spoken to Irving directly since then. In the week that passed between Irving publicizing the film and the team suspending him, he only communicated with the organization through his stepmother/agent, according to ESPN.

Irving posted an apology on Instagram last Thursday night, hours after Brooklyn announced the suspension. On Tuesday, he reportedly met with NBA commissioner Adam Silver