Nike releases all new NBA 'statement edition' alternate jerseys at media event

When Nike took over as the NBA's new jersey brand, they made some changes. One of those changes was replacing "home" and "away" jerseys with "association" and "icon" editions. Each team will have four set uniforms, including an alternate called "statement jerseys." On Friday night, Nike revealed all of them in one big show.

At the event, Nike had a representative player from every team come out in a hoodie to hide the new jerseys. Then, in one big reveal they all unveiled the NBA's newest alternates. Then, just as quickly as they arrived, they left to the side.

It's a little difficult to see, but there are some new jerseys up there mixed in with the teams that decided to keep their old styles. Teams like Miami, Charlotte, and Toronto kept old designs while Oklahoma City, Utah, and Minnesota revealed new styles with some more flashy than others. (Looking at you, Timberwolves.)

A few teams' jerseys had already leaked out early because of the new NBA 2K game, but now with these officially out the NBA can begin a new Nike themed era. It will be interesting to see what style changes teams go through during the next few years.

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