No, seriously, you can still trade for Jimmer Fredette if you want

Jimmer Fredette has been on the trade block since before he was born. In the early 1800's, the Kings put Fredette on the block and are still waiting for a good enough offer to come in. 

With new ownership, though, there's always a chance that could change, but the Sacramento Bee told a local television station, not so much: 

What does Jimmers future hold? Jones says it looks bleak in Sacramento. The Maloof family finally sold the team to a new ownership group, giving the team some stability, but the front office couldnt resist drafting more guards. The Kings drafted a point guard and another 2-guard earlier this summer and then traded for pass-first point Grevais Vasquez. In addition, it looks like Isaiah Thomas 60th pick in 11 draft, 50 spots below Jimmer is a big part of the teams future.

"The Kings are not actively shopping Jimmer, but they have had calls and apparently will move him if the deals makes sense," said Jones.

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That's code for "please take him, please please please," one would think after all this time. 

Kings guards on roster (given some positional flexibility): Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Marcus Thornton, John Salmons, Ray McCallum, Greivis Vasquez, and Jimmer. Something's gotta give, one would think. 

Jimmer was... not bad last year. He was pretty decent, really. But he still struggles to create as a point guard and defend anyone with above-average levels of athleticism. He's going to remain on the block till someone thinks that they can do something more with him than what he's shown so far in his career. 

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