Nowitzki thinks he needs 2 more weeks before resuming basketball activities

Dirk is out at least two more weeks. (Getty Images)

Dirk Nowitzki is coming up on the range of when he could return after knee surgery. On Monday, he told Bryan Gutierrez of that he thinks he's about two more weeks from "getting on the floor again." And that's not back in a game, that's two weeks from being able to get on a basketball floor to practice, work out

Nowitzki needs to be patient with it, though. There's no reason to push himself, because he had problems intermittently last season whn he tried to play through it. 

Again, this is just to get back on the floor to practice, not to play in a game. It's going to be weeks beyond that. Nowitzki isn't lagging behind the 4-6 week window of his expected recovery, but he's also not pushing it to return. The Mavericks are staying above water for now but will need to hang on for maybe another month at least with the superstar out. 

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