Nuggets make the mistake of disrespecting Lil B, promptly lose to Sixers

Rapper, author, and motivational speaker Lil B hasn't been putting curses on players or teams as often as he was a few years back -- as Kevin Durant, James Harden, and the Houston Rockets know all too well

But sometimes you have to remind people of your power, which is just what The Based God did on Saturday night. 

Everything started when Lil B tweeted out a list of teams that he said have the BasedGod's blessing.

The Denver Nuggets are not on that list, as you may notice, and in a moment of anger, or sadness, or perhaps jealousy, the team tweeted out "wait who's Lil B?"

This, of course, was very foolish, as the Nuggets soon learned, when Lil B proclaimed that the Sixers would win due to the Nuggets' disrespect.

Unsurprisingly, the Sixers got the job done, winning 107-102 in Denver, thanks to a big night from Dario Saric.

Having learned their lesson, the Nuggets promptly apologized to Lil B, which was obviously a wise decision. 

There is a happy ending to this tale, however, as Lil B decided to forgive the Nuggets and add them to the list of teams who have the BasedGod's blessing.

Congratulations to the Nuggets. Sure, this was a tough loss, but they got ended up getting the BasedGod's blessing out of it, so in the long run it's been a positive night for the franchise. 

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