Nuggets rescind Andre Miller's suspension, will return Monday

Following the Denver Nuggets' eighth straight loss Wednesday night, we found out that coach Brian Shaw and point guard Andre Miller were not seeing eye-to-eye on his playing time. As the team searches for something to break their current losing streak and get back on track, Miller has become upset with his lack of playing time. He unleashed a tirade of sorts on Shaw during the game as he sat on the bench.

After the game, Shaw handled the matter diplomatically before the team decided to suspend Miller for two games. Sitting out in the loss on Wednesday ended Miller's streak of 239 consecutive games played. Instead of being suspended without pay from the next two games, the Nuggets have decided to lift the suspension and Miller won't be back with the team until Monday. From the Nuggets: 

The Denver Nuggets have rescinded the suspension of guard Andre Miller general manager/executive vice president of basketball operations Tim Connelly announced today.

He will return to the team on Monday, Jan. 6th and will be excused from all team activities for personal reasons until then.

This seems like a bit of an olive branch presented by the Nuggets to allow Miller to still be paid while being suspended. It possibly avoids the Players Association getting involved as well, which should limit the potential headaches from the situation. Rumors of the Nuggets moving Miller have surfaced since the blow-up but he's not going anywhere as of right now.

The Nuggets are 14-17 on the season, 12th in the Western Conference and 4.5 games out of the 8-seed right now. Miller is averaging just 19.0 minutes in his 30 games played this season, the lowest minutes average of his career.

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