Odds on Team USA's average margin of victory opens at 25.5

Bovada.lv opened their odds on the 2012 Olympic Basketball Tournament Thursday and as you'd expect if you knew anything about sports in general, the U.S. is heavily favored to win gold at 8 to 1 favorites. But if we want to look at some other interesting numbers, let's start here with how much they're expected to win by.

The over/under for Team USA's margin of victory is a solid/whopping (depending on what country you're from) 25.5 points. That of course falls short of the 700,000 points Dream Team I destroyed its opponents. But an interesting wrinkle is that the 2008 team defeated its opponents by an average of 27.9. So for all the talk of this team vs. the Dream Team, this team isn't expected to outpace the 2008 team.

Nor should it.

With the injuries suffered to the roster (Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, among others), this team isn't as loaded. It was fine during exhibition play, but not only fell behind at the end of multiple first quarters, but had to squeak out a win vs. Argentina before blowing the doors off Spain. 

So overall, this team is expected to win, to carry the banner that is expected of them. But nothing spectacular is expected of Team USA in 2012, at least by the oddsmakers. 

Some other over/unders courtesy of Bovada.lv: 

Lebron James - PPG for the tournament?

Over/Under 17

Lebron James - APG for the tournament?

Over/Under 4.5

Lebron James - RPG for the tournament?

Over/Under 6.5

Kobe Bryant - PPG for the tournament?

Over/Under 13.5

Kevin Durant - PPG for the tournament?

Over/Under 17

Carmelo Anthony - PPG for the tournament?

Over/Under 13.5
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