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Pacers forward Caris LeVert recently said the trade to Indiana "could've possibly saved me," after a team physical and MRI revealed a mass on his left kidney. He was immediately listed as out indefinitely as he underwent further testing. It turns out LeVert was right.

The Pacers announced Tuesday afternoon that LeVert successfully underwent surgery to treat renal cell carcinoma of his left kidney, and is expected to make a full recovery. It's truly a strange and shocking series of events as the kidney cancer likely would not have been found if it weren't for the Brooklyn Nets trading LeVert as part of a four-team trade that brought James Harden to Brooklyn.

Prior to the trade, LeVert had played in every game this season with the Nets, and said he didn't experience any symptoms or any sort of sickness. That isn't uncommon with kidney cancer, though, as it typically doesn't cause symptoms in the early stages, per the Mayo Clinic.

While LeVert will need no further treatment and make a full recovery, his return -- and debut with Indiana -- is still up in the air as the Pacers announced that he's still out indefinitely with updates to come as necessary. Basketball, though, comes second to LeVert's health and knowing that he won't need further treatment is great news. 

When he does rejoin the Pacers, though, he'll be stepping onto a team that has looked impressive to start the season. Indiana sits fourth in the Eastern Conference with a 10-7 record, while Domantas Sabonis and Malcolm Brogdon have led the way. Adding LeVert into the mix will give the Pacers a dynamic scorer in place of Victor Oladipo, who was traded to Houston as part of that four-team deal. That will have to wait, though, as LeVert gets back to 100 percent before stepping foot on a basketball court again.